Euphorics Peachy Keen Hazy Pale Ale

Our newest flavor and aroma liquid product Euphorics is highly concentrated, water-soluble, and made with 100% natural hops and botanicals. Euphorics was made by brewers, for brewers to dramatically expand flavor and aroma possibilities.

We brewed 8 new beverages to serve at the 2024 CBC in Las Vegas, and every day the keg we found empty first was Euphorics Peachy Keen Hazy Pale. Its bright, crisp and “just fruity enough” flavor kept people coming back for seconds and telling their friends and colleagues to stop by for a taste. We think it’s a great example of how new Euphorics naturally integrates into beer and amplifies all the right flavors, and we want to share the recipe with you! It’s consumer-ready—or ready for you to put your own spin on—and we think you’ll love it.

Before we finalized this recipe we experimented using no dry hops, different dosing rates, and mixing flavors—in the end we feel really good about where we landed. This recipe uses hops you’re familiar with, and a good level of Peachy Keen Euphorics that’s impactful without being overpowering. The flavor is authentic with positive mouthfeel, and there’s no doubt you’re drinking a delicious Hazy Pale Ale. Happy brewing!

Euphorics Peachy Keen Hazy Pale Ale Recipe:

Original Gravity: 14°P
Final Gravity: 1.9°P
Calculated ABV: 6.5%
Calculated BU: 35

Grain Bill:
49.25% Great Western 2-row malt
49.25% Great Western Northwest Pale Ale malt
1.5% Weyermann Acidulated Malt

Mash Schedule:
122°F (50°C) – 20 min
144°F (62°C) – 20 min
162°F (72°C) – 20 min
Mash out at 172°F (78°C)

Hot-side Hop Additions:
Columbus LUPOMAX to a 10 BU target – First wort.
Eclipse T90 to a 5 BU target – 15 min. left
HBC 1019 LUPOMAX to a 5 BU target – 15 min. left
Eclipse T90 to a 7.5 BU target – Whirlpool
HBC 1019 LUPOMAX to a 7.5 BU target – Whirlpool

Cold-side Additions:
Dry hopping at the end of primary fermentation:
– 1 lb/bbl HBC 1019 LUPOMAX
– 1 lb/bbl Eclipse T90
Euphorics addition after dry hopping, during cold conditioning
– 0.005%v/v (5.9 mL/bbl) Peachy Keen

Imperial A38 Juice


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