We're dedicated to helping you create your next great beverage.

John I. Haas is the world leader in innovative hop products. We are farmers, hop breeders, scientists, researchers, brewers, and beer lovers all working together to change the way the world thinks about hops.

We're Farmers

HAAS has been growing hops in the Yakima Valley for four generations. With 2,700 acres of trellised fields, harvesting facilities, hop kilns, and baling operations, our farms help us research and improve hop farming practices, grow new, environmentally friendly commercial varieties, and contribute to a more resilient and efficient hop industry.

We're Hop Breeders

Our combination of hop breeding, research and sensory expertise results in an unmatched capacity to discover new flavors that fuel brewers’ creativity. Each year, we plan 15,000 hop crosses to explore sensory profiles and agronomic characteristics—all to find that one cultivar that might become the next Citra®, Mosaic®, Sabro® or Talus®.

We're Scientists

Research & Development is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s developing exciting products like INCOGNITO® to uncover new brewhouse efficiencies, or finding new flavor innovations like HopKick®, HAAS researchers are expanding the uses of hops and pushing the possibilities of flavor and aroma in beer, beverages, and beyond.

We're Brewers

The HAAS Innovations Brewery is a state-of-the-art brewing and research facility. Our world-class brewmasters work with the HAAS Brewing Solutions Team, and collaborate with brewers and beverage companies from around the world, to understand the nuances of new hop varieties, tackle brewing challenges, and inspire new recipes.

A brewing solution for every beverage

The HAAS Brewing Solutions Team works with customers to trial new products, develop new recipes, and educate brewers about hops and hop products. The team consists of Brewmasters, Sensory Scientists, and Brewing Solutions Specialists who are ready to collaborate and co-create as we exchange ideas, insights, and inspiration.


With branches in Germany, the USA, the UK, Australia and China, the BarthHaas Group conducts business on every continent. It is a world leader in breeding, growing, processing, and marketing hops and hops products. The group’s portfolio also includes storage and logistics services, hop research and development, and application technologies for the brewing industry and other sectors.

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