Innovative hop products. Peak brewing performance.

Concentrated lupulin pellets with consistent alpha for optimized hop flavor that’s true-to-type.

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A highly concentrated, water-soluble flavor and aroma liquid product, made with 100% natural hops and botanicals.

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Concentrated hop flavor and aroma to maximize brewing efficiency and minimize process loss.

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A revolutionary way to dry hop that’s flowable and fully dispersible in cold-side applications.

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All-natural hop flavor for beverages, beer and beyond.

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A 100% hop-derived product, it lets you achieve the exact level of haze you want and remains stable for life of your beer.

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Hops & Hop Products


The largest selections of proprietary hops and popular hop varieties, selected from the world’s finest hop-growing regions including the Pacific Northwest, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Highly concentrated, hop-derived products that deliver optimized flavor, aroma and consistency to finished beer while helping brewers optimize brewhouse efficiency and minimize beer loss.

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From the finest bittering hops to premium hop extracts and advanced bittering products, HAAS helps brewers create perfectly bittered beers—while achieving greater efficiency and optimal results.

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Process solutions, technical tools and training courses designed to help brewers at every experience level evaluate and create better tasting beer that’s more cost-effective to brew.

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A worldwide network of distribution partners all hand-selected to ensure that brewers of every size
can find the top-quality hops and hops products they need.

The art of collaboration. The science of brewing.

We believe close collaboration is what fuels your success as well as ours. That’s why, at HAAS, we value brewers’ input, feedback and advice as we develop new hop varieties, work through technical solutions to improve brewing performance, and ensure that we are delivering the finest quality hops and hop products from around the world to your brewery.

News & Views

HAAS® Named Molson Coors Supplier of the Year

Molson Coors Beverage Company (Molson Coors) named John I. Haas Brewing Materials Supplier of the Year for 2023. It is the fourth time that HAAS has been recognized, reflecting our commitment to delivering the highest quality hop products and outstanding customer service.

A little book of beer recipes featuring Aussie hops

Thinking about using Aussie hops for the first time, or doing something different with an old favorite? Download this digital guide to help get your creative juices flowing.

Euphorics Peachy Keen Hazy Pale Ale

Get the recipe for our experimental beer that was an off-the-charts hit at CBC 2024! Brewed with HPA Eclipse®, HBC 1019 experimental hops, and Euphorics Peachy Keen, this Hazy Pale Ale has just the right amount of citrus and stone fruit flavors.

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