FLEX® — Flowable hops for efficient bittering

FLEX® disperses more readily than whole hops or pellets and provides a 10–20% (relative) increase in alpha-acids utilization as compared to standard T90 hop pellets.



To help with brewers’ needs, we at John I. Haas have worked to develop a portable, concentrated, consistent and easy way to better your beer. The result is FLEX®, an all-natural solution for your bittering needs. You can count on FLEX, having the same level of alpha acids in every jug, which makes batch to batch dosing rate calculations easy.

FLEX provides more bang for your buck compared to conventional hop pellets. FLEX has four to five times more alpha acids. In the ISO, alpha acid conversions are ten to 20% more efficient when you substitute FLEX for pellets. If you want a brew of 40 IBU beer 3,1 kilogram jugs of FLEX provides you the same bettering power as a 20-kilogram box of 15% alpha pellets. You’ll pay up to 75% less in shipping costs, plus you’ll free up valuable storage space in your brewery.

You can’t beat the convenience of FLEX, just twist, open the resealable cap and FLEX, pause right out of the bottle. No need to preheat or use expensive dosing equipment. Just pour and go. If you’re interested in improving your brewhouse efficiencies, turn to FLEX over pellets. FLEX has no vegetative matter. One kilogram of hop pellets can absorb up to ten leaders of your precious ward, depending on the type of beer you brew, your brewing procedures, and your production setup wort losses of 10% or more will occur when using pellets in the brew kettle.

FLEX helps you go green by eliminating the green. No hop plant material means you can lower the amount of solids you dumped down the drain, which will make your local wastewater treatment plant happier. If you have a centrifuge, you’ll have less sediments to get rid of, saving fuel during transport and taking up less landfill space. Not to mention your FLEX bottle is recyclable.

Saving money, enhancing yield, and improving sustainability are awesome, but ultimately you want to produce great-tasting beers. We brewed with FLEX and loved the results. Most of our brewer friends say that FLEX beers have a clean, smooth, nonlingering bitterness. With FLEX, you’ll make great beers, save time and money, and enhance your sustainability programs. We’d love to hear how you think FLEX might transform your brewing production. Cheers!

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