The BarthHaas Group’s Greenhouse Initiative Cultivates Innovation in the Brewing Industry

YAKIMA, WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 6, 2023 – The BarthHaas Group, a renowned leader in the global hops industry, is proud to announce its innovative Greenhouse Initiative is ranked among InnoLead’s Top 20 Impact Awards Finalists for 2023.

Comprised of John I. Haas (HAAS®), BarthHaas®, and Hop Products Australia (HPA), the BarthHaas Group has long been at the forefront of supplying top-quality hop products to breweries worldwide. This finalist ranking represents the fourth innovation recognition the group has received in the past four years.

InnoLead, the world’s largest community of corporate innovators, created the Impact Awards to honor companies and individuals that have achieved extraordinary outcomes related to their R&D, HR, new product development, and other innovation-related initiatives.

“BarthHaas being selected as an InnoLead finalist – among many innovative companies like OpenAI, Bayer, BMW, Microsoft, IBM and NASA – is truly an honor and testament to the hard work of our Greenhouse team,” said Dr. Alex Byelashov, HAAS Vice President of Innovations and Brewing Solutions and BarthHaas Head of Global Innovations.

In 2021, the BarthHaas Group formed the Greenhouse Initiative, a creative partnership to foster collaborative new product development across their organizations and teams. It is built upon principles of customer-centric innovation, agility, sustainable business evolution, long-term growth, and global collaboration.

“We recommended the Greenhouse joint venture be rooted in an Innovation Management Framework, created to facilitate global, flexible processes whilst maintaining a robust project portfolio,” explained George von Staden, Owner and CEO of GvS Consulting, and Consultant to the BarthHaas Group.

The Greenhouse’s key components include Core Teams, a Support and Mentoring Group (comprising members from Commercial, Finance, and R&D divisions), Idea Managers, and Council – all of whom play pivotal roles as decision-makers and innovators.

The Greenhouse has already made a significant impact on the brewing industry, marked by the successful introduction of innovative products such as KettleRedi®, HopHaze®, and HopKick®. These groundbreaking releases have garnered widespread brewer recognition and solidified the BarthHaas Group’s reputation as an industry leader.

Looking forward, the Greenhouse Initiative remains committed to driving additional growth in the beverage space. Exciting new innovations are on the horizon, promising to reshape the brewing industry and enhance the experiences of beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Above all, the Greenhouse Initiative has engendered a profound cultural shift within the BarthHaas Group, uniting its partner companies around a shared commitment to innovation as their top priority. This collaborative approach underscores the BarthHaas Group’s dedication to delivering excellence and pioneering solutions in the hop industry.

InnoLead’s 2023 Impact Awards Finalists:

About John I. Haas:
HAAS® provides world-class hops, bittering products, flavor and aroma products, and innovative brewing solutions to the world’s best brewers. We are a proud member of the BarthHaas Group, a global network of family-owned hops farms, processors and distributors. From the experimental fields to the Innovations Brewery, our pelletizing plant to your brew kettle, we believe close collaboration fuels your success as well as ours. Whether it’s ensuring your supply chain, improving brewing efficiency, helping you discover exciting hop flavors from around the world—or creating renowned hop products like INCOGNITO®, LUPOMAX® and HopKick® — HAAS is dedicated to helping you brew your best possible beer.

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Corrie Van Oostrum, HAAS Associate Marketing Manager

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About BarthHaas®:
BarthHaas is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hop products and hop-related services. The family-owned company specializes in the creative and efficient use of hops and hop products. As visionaries, instigators and implementers of ideas, BarthHaas has been shaping the market surrounding a unique raw material for over 225 years.
About HPA:
Hop Products Australia (HPA) is the country’s largest hop grower, backed by a team of experts in plant breeding, farm operations, customer service and brewing support. As sole custodians of their Aussie hops, and regional representatives of the global BarthHaas group, they supply a huge range of consistently high-quality Aussie, international and innovative hop products so brewers can make consistently high-quality beers.

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