First-ever HAAS® Brew Jam held at Breakside Brewing in Portland

“Craft is the most collaborative industry I’ve ever worked in. I love how the people just openly and routinely share information and their experiences in the brewhouse. That’s what Brew Jam is all about,” said Josh Vigansky, Director of Business Development at HAAS.

About 35 brewers were in attendance for casual workshops with Jeff Dailey, Sensory Manager at HAAS; Brian Perkey from Lallemand, a Canadian company that provides microbiological solutions to numerous industries; and Dana Garves from Oregon BrewLab, which provides digital quality analysis for brewers. Throughout the event, brewers also shared their personal insights and experiences.

“It seemed really well received. The feedback we got was that people loved the event,” Josh recalled. “Jeff led a great discussion on the hop breeding process, with a special focus on sustainability and brewing performance. Brian shared how different yeast strains can impact the flavor and aroma profiles of your hops. And Dana held this cool sensory session on brewing acids. We dosed seltzer with things like lactic, citric, malic acid, and more, to understand their flavor impacts.”

Many brewers still come up through the ranks and learn on the job. If you’re a newer brewer or have a business where you haven’t gone through formal brew school, Brew Jam is a great opportunity to continue your education, refresh your knowledge, or learn some new aspects of brewing that you might not be as familiar with.

“The other part is, we want to help more and more brewers get to know the HAAS Brewing Solutions Team,” said Josh. “Our close customers probably know Jeff and Virgil and the Brew Crew well. But the team is much bigger than that. Recently, we’ve been working with more and more customers on recipe development and collabs, piloting and working with new products, and just helping them solve their brewing challenges.”

If you want to find out more about Brew Jam, or learn more about the HAAS Brewing Solutions Team, reach out to us directly at And be sure to be on the lookout for when Brew Jam will be hitting a brewery near you.


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