The newest members of the HAAS® hop portfolio

At John I. Haas, we have a long, proud history of hop breeding that’s given rise to some of today’s most popular hop varieties, including Citra® HBC 394 c.v., Mosaic® HBC 369 c.v. and, more recently, Sabro® HBC 438 c.v. and Talus™ HBC 692 c.v. But we love discovering different flavors for beer as much as anyone—and we certainly recognize a beautiful hop when we rub and sniff one.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of six new hops to the HAAS® portfolio. These exciting varieties were born from the hard work of fellow farmers and hop breeders ranging from Idaho to Oregon and all the way to New Zealand. Give them a try, and let us know what you think—we can’t wait to see what you brew up next.

Nelson SauvinTM

Nelson Sauvin is a relatively new arrival, bred from New Zealand’s Smooth cone hops and released in 2000. It can be powerfully aromatic with unique and surprising flavors, ranging from fruity white wine to tropical notes to gooseberry. Recommended for American Pale Ale, IPA, Pale Ale.


Developed at the HortResearch Center in New Zealand, Motueka has a lime zest, stone-fruit, banana and lemongrass/basil flavors that works well with Lagers, Pilsners, Belgian Ales, English Ales and Dark Lagers.


Strata is the first variety to be released from the Indie Hops breeding program in 2009. Formerly known as X-331, Strata is the result of an open pollination of a Perle mother in an Oregon experimental hop yard and offers a complex layer of aromas. Recommended for IPA, Pale Ale, New England IPAs, dark beers, ales.


Descended from Nugget, Brewers Gold, East Kent Goldings, and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, Triumph is a public variety first grown at the Corvallis, Oregon USDA hop research. A great lager hop with delicate fruit forward aromas. Recommend for Lager and Pilsner style beers.

Idaho 7TM

The first hop release from Jackson Farms just outside of Boise, Idaho 7 is a dual purpose hop ripe with zesty oranges and tangerines reminiscent of marmalade. Its uniqueness shows up as a pleasant herbal character that melds with the citrus to come across like fine Earl Grey tea. Recommended for IPA, Pale Ale, New England IPA.

Idaho GemTM

Named in honor of its home farm in The Gem State, the Idaho Gem was “found” on Idaho’s Gooding Farms and is of unknown lineage. It has sweet, fruit-forward aromatic oils and a relatively high alpha that works well for both late kettle and dry hopping additions. Recommended for New England IPA, Pale Ale and IPA.

To learn more about any of these exciting hop varieties, talk to your HAAS Sales Representative or HAAS authorized distributor to order yours today. And be sure to check out our complete hops line-up.


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