A collaboration between HAAS® & Revolution Brewing celebrates innovative products—and 3000 batches brewed!

This December, Revolution Brewing released RH3000 Hero—the latest installment of their beloved Hero IPAs—to celebrate the brewery’s 3,000th batch of beer and to spotlight three of HAAS’ most innovative flavor and aroma products, LUPOMAX®, INCOGNITO® and SPECTRUM. We recently sat down with Doug Veliky, Revolution’s Chief Strategy Officer, to learn more about this exciting collaboration brew.

How did the idea for a collaboration come about?

Doug Veliky: We’ve had a really tight relationship with HAAS for a long time now. Over the years, they’ve become good friends and people we wanted to work with on a deeper level than just a typical supplier relationship. 

I’m a big fan of collaborations but, you know, there are so many collaborations out there. And so many of them are just like a couple of emails between two brewers—there’s not really much of a story being told. Personally, I love to go deeper than that and get the consumer engaged with why this is interesting, why this is important, and why our two breweries are putting our heads together is a true “one plus one equals three.”

And what does RH3000 mean?

Doug: Talking with HAAS, we wanted to create something special. After trials and discussions with the HAAS Brewing team, they suggested trying out some new products: INCOGNITO®, LUPOMAX®, and SPECTRUM. Ultimately, we decided to go all-in and use all three.

These products are obviously ideal for IPAs, which is what our Hero family of beers is all about. We’ve created our own “Hero Universe” and given all of our IPAs a comic book-like hero character. As we talked about who that might be for this beer, we realized these are the latest and greatest and newest innovations coming down the pipeline, some that are already available and some that are brand new. These are, like, futuristic.

Initially, I thought, should we make the hero character coming out of a DeLorean, like in a “Back to the Future” kind of thing? And then, our brewmaster, Jim Cibak, said, “What about a cyborg?”—drawing inspiration from our love of Terminator and other sci-fi movies. It also came up, as we were doing this, that our 3,000th batch of beer was coming. It just hit perfectly because we were like, okay, it’s like from the year 3000. And RH being Revolution and HAAS. We’ll call it “RH3000”. So it just all tied into a great story and, using this nerdy, cyborg character to show that the ingredients were coming from the future

We know brewers love LUPOMAX® and INCOGNITO®—but how do you think that will resonate with consumers?

Doug: I think the really hardcore IPA drinker, who don’t mind paying a bit more for a four-pack, they want to buy the story. They also want to pick up a nugget or two of information each time they do it. They want to know what makes this unique.

There’s this big narrative of how beers are important to the brewery and how we have to manage brewhouse efficiency. But then there’s also this important piece for the customer that sometimes gets lost—that these products have the potential to amp up the flavors and aromas. That’s what we want to tell them about, both of those things. Give them a little bit of the business side, and how these products like SPECTRUM, LUPOMAX® and INCOGNITO® can impact the taste of the beer with these amplified flavors.

Where are you going to distribute RH3000? It is a limited run? Is it regional or at the brewery only? 

Doug: No, it’s regional. Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. It’ll probably sell out in about a month. All of our specialty brews come in these 16-ounce four-packs—that format is really for the hyper engaged-consumer—which is one turn of our big brewhouse. So it’s going to come out on December 8th and then I’d say it should be gone within, at the most, six weeks.

If you live in the area, be sure to get your hands on a four-pack of RH3000 Hero—and let us know what you think. You can learn more about the collaboration on Revolution’s blog, or check out their social posts on Instagram and Twitter


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