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Roles of a Hops Supplier

Feb 1, 2018 Tim Kostelecky

If you’ll allow me to make an assumption, I’d bet many brewers have the impression that, as a supplier, our objective is to just sell stuff. To get the purchase order, deliver the raw materials brewers need to create their beers, and get out of the way. Done, done and done.

Oh, how sometimes I would feel under-appreciated. There’s so much more to it than that! Providing quality hops and hops products is just a small part of the story of what Haas, and many other quality suppliers have to offer!

Luckily, I had a chance to tell a more complete story at last year’s annual meeting of the American Society of Brewing Chemists in Fort Myers, Florida. The ASBC was holding a hops-themed workshop called “Interfacing with the Hop Industry.” It brought together experts from various disciplines to discuss different aspects of the hop supply chain—from the breeders and growers of hops, to the manufacturers and suppliers.

When asked if I could give a presentation on the role of the hop suppliers, and the value we provide to brewers, I enthusiastically accepted! This was my opportunity, on behalf of the hop industry, to let our story be told and highlight a major aspect of our activities. This was my chance to communicate the true value we, as trusted partners, bring to brewers, and even to the ultimate beer consumer, above and beyond the quality products we sell.

I’ll spare you the details here, because the presentation I gave is here for you to peruse. But I will mention that all of us at John I. Haas, along with many of my fellow hop suppliers around the globe, are proud to serve as key contributors to brewers’ successes. The relationships we establish, the quality programs and innovations we provide, and the contributions we make to brewing technology are an important part of the overall delivery process.

Take a quick spin through the presentation…you might be surprised. And if you’re not, my assumptions are unfounded, and I shouldn’t agonize over being under-appreciated! Nonetheless, I hope you give it a look.


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