3-MH, WHERE DO YOU GO? 3-MH (3-Mercaptohexan-1-ol) is one of the free thiols in beer that can give us passion fruit, grapefruit or rhubarb flavours. 3-MH is present in both, hops and malt. However the big portion of this aroma compound is present in precursor structures in hops. So far we knew about cysteinylated and…  Read More


Christina Schoenberger

PROTECT THE ISOHUMULONES IN BEER – INCREASE THE THIOLS! In the context of flavour stability that is the conclusion of a Danish Researcher Team. They have looked into the mechanism of stale flavour development in stored beer. It is known that in the presence of metal ions, such as iron and copper, molecular oxygen converts…  Read More

Hop Science Newsletter – June 2018

Christina Schoenberger

MORE NEW MEMBERS IN THE HOPS FAMILY The German Hop Research Team in Huell is introducing two more hop varieties to the world. Although there is a demand for new and exciting flavors from brewers, it is also important to breed sucessors of established noble varieties that exhibit more “grower-friendly” behaviour with better resistances and…  Read More

Hop Science Newsletter – April 2018

Christina Schoenberger

DRY HOPPING FROM A MEDIA PERSPECTIVE We know many of the factors that have an impact on dry hopping and the resulting flavour, however, this German research team looked further into the role of the dry hopped medium in dry hop flavour development. They were able to show an increase for almost all measured hop…  Read More