The future of dry-hopping is liquid.

Download our latest whitepaper: Full flavor SPECTRUM, a new approach to dry-hopping for all brewers to learn more.

Whether you’re subtly refining delicate beer flavors, or building a broad, robust flavor profile, brewers have long recognized the power of dry-hopping. But with the benefits also come the challenges—from increased cost, inefficiencies, and beer loss, as well as the additional time, space, and equipment dry-hopping often requires. 

After more than five years of research and development, and dozens of pilots with brewers around the world, BarthHaas® recently introduced a revolutionary way to dry-hop called SPECTRUM. This new liquid dry-hopping product is designed to replace the hop pellets and whole hop cones traditionally used in dry-hopping.

To learn more about the benefits—and to understand how you could be using SPECTRUM in your brewery operations—download this new whitepaper from BarthHaas®: “Full flavor SPECTRUM, a new approach to dry-hopping for all brewers.”

You’ll learn about the advantages of dry-hopping and the practical considerations of using this new, highly efficient liquid dry-hopping product in your brewhouse, including dosing SPECTRUM, understanding its effects, creating full and stable dry-hop flavors, and hearing first-hand insights from pilot partners.

“I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the product,” said Sophie De Ronde, Head Brewer at Burnt Mill Brewery in Suffolk, UK. “It easily delivers a better yield and for us gives a better shelf-life. It is a really handy thing to have around the brewery to help get beers to where we need them to be.”

From gaining beer volume (thanks to less beer loss), to reducing the contact time typically required with pellets and whole cone hops, SPECTRUM is redefining the way brewers can enjoy the benefits of dry-hopping. It’s currently available in Citra® HBC 394 c.v. and Mosaic® HBC 369 c.v., with more true-to-type varieties on the way.

To learn more about SPECTRUM, download the whitepaper, check out the SPECTRUM product page on our website—or speak to your local HAAS representative today. 



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