Our Official Guide to Hop Harvest 2017

Every year, we greet more and more familiar faces and look forward to meeting lots of new friends, too. As you’re getting ready for the big event, we’ve pulled together a great resource to help plan your visit.

Check out Hop Harvest 2017 on the Haas website today.

From around August 28th – to the end of September, there will be a ton of activity going on with farm operations in full swing for hop take-in and hop quality evaluations. If you’re coming to town, be sure to call your Haas Sales Team Contact to schedule a visit to our Commercial and Experimental Fields (birthplace of Citra®, Mosaic®, and Loral™ through our partnership with the Hop Breeding Company), check out our processing facility–where we make our fine pellets, extracts and special Advanced Products, or visit our brewing team at the Haas Innovations Center. We’ll have plenty of beer on tap here – brewed with experimental hops and products in the Haas Innovations Brewery – and at select locations around Yakima. Check out all the events and locations today.

Safe travels, and we’ll see you soon.


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