HAAS® Named Molson Coors Supplier of the Year

“This is truly an honor,” said Roy Johnson, National Sales Manager at HAAS. “Molson Coors is one of our most significant customers, so it’s just fantastic to be recognized by them.”

“I’m really proud of the entire HAAS team,” Roy explained. “From Shannon Michael, who is key on the account, to Brewing Solutions and the Manufacturing teams—everyone here works so hard to deliver for all of our customers. This is a reflection of a lot of dedicated effort, innovation, and our close partnership with the Molson Coors team.”

The Supplier of the Year is awarded based on feedback from key stakeholders across Molson Coors. “They (Haas) excel in customer service to ensure we have the highest quality hops delivered in a timely manner,” Molson Coors expressed in the award statement. “They have supported our craft partners with innovative solutions to reduce waste at the breweries. The technical expertise they provide to find these solutions is key to their success.”

While Molson Coors recognizes many suppliers across its ecosystem, brewing materials is one of the largest categories. “It includes all their raw materials—like malt, hops, flavorings, even water and water treatment vendors,” Roy noted. “It’s a significant group of suppliers to be selected from.”

“The more our customers know about hops, the better we work together,” Roy explained. “We spend a lot of time going to the breweries and talking with our corporate customers to help educate the operators and brewing managers about hops, hop processing, and giving them updates on the industry—and, of course, keeping them up to speed on new products, new varieties, and new developments at HAAS.”

This type of long-standing relationship helps HAAS find flexible solutions to respond to changing market dynamics. “The hops industry is truly a multigenerational business,” said Roy, “HAAS and Molson Coors have worked closely together for many years. We know each other, we understand the way things move around within Molson Coors breweries and their family of brands, and so we know how to adapt and respond when challenges arise.”

Roy said, “We’re not here just fulfilling an order. We’re looking out for their business. And I think that’s reflective of how HAAS thinks about all of our customers.”

To learn more about HAAS hops and innovative hop products, flavorings, and solutions, visit our products page. To order, contact your HAAS representative, or your favorite HAAS distribution partner.


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