Excuse me, is that a keg in your briefcase? Experimental brewing with Haas at the CBC.

There are tons of reasons to visit the Craft Brewers Conference each year—whether you’re taking some workshops, exploring new capabilities, talking with suppliers, or just keeping tabs on what’s new and what’s trending. Of course, there’s also plenty of tasting to be done as everyone invests some serious R&D time to check out the latest offerings from great breweries around the world.

If you get a chance to stop by the John I. Haas booth (Booth 1527), you’re in for a treat. Our brewmaster Virgil McDonald will be hauling a few barrels of experimental brews through Philly International, straight from the Haas Innovations Brewery in Yakima. Here’s what we’ll have on tap and ready to sample at the convention:

Named in honor of Gene Probasco, Haas’ Lead Breeder for virtually 4 decades, Basco’s Brew is a medium bodied beer, kettle hopped with HBC 682 and HBC 291 in the whirlpool, and then dry hopped with HBC 291. This contributes subtle floral and fruity aromas adding a complex and pleasant finish.

  • O.G. – 12.7° Plato
  • ABV – 5.2%
  • Color – 5 SRM
  • IBUs – 45


It’s crazy what aroma hops can do these days. Two experimental cultivars, HBC 431 and HBC 291, come together in a medium-bodied beer with complex fruit aroma and flavor characteristics that never fail to floor us. It’s kettle hopped with HBC 682 followed with HBC 431 and 291 added to the whirlpool—then dry hopped with them as well.

  • O.G. – 13.5° Plato
  • ABV – 5.5%
  • Color – 13 SRM
  • IBUs – 50


Fruit, citrus and some pine aromas make for one monstrous ale. It’s kettle hopped with HBC 682 with the addition of Vic Secret and HBC 431 to the whirlpool—then dry hopped with 50:50 blend of Vic Secret and HBC 431 Hops.

  • O.G. – 14.1° Plato
  • ABV – 6.5%
  • Color – 12 SRM
  • IBUs – 50


It’s like destiny brought together two of our favorite hop varieties, creating an IPA with huge aroma and flavor. Kettle hopped with HBC 682, followed by the addition of Citra® and Mosaic® Hops to the whirlpool, and then dry hopped with them as well. Fruit dominates the nose and palate wrapped up with a crisp, refreshing finish.

  • O.G. – 15.1° Plato
  • ABV – 6.1%
  • Color – 13 SRM
  • IBUs – 60


Bru-1 and Citra® hops combine to create a unique, almost pineapple-like aroma and flavor. This IPA is kettle hopped with HBC 682 followed by an addition to the whirlpool of Bru-1 and Citra hops. It’s then dry hopped to enhance aroma and taste, with a wonderful fruity character dominating the nose and palate.

  • O.G. – 14.9° Plato
  • ABV – 6.1%
  • Color – 13 SRM
  • IBUs – 60


Sky of blue and hops of green have made this one beer definitely worth opening the hatch for. Brewed using HBC 682 for kettle hopping with Yellow Sub Hops added in the whirlpool—and then again during post-fermentation as dry hops to provide additional aroma and flavor. Citrus notes combined with hints of pine create a unique and refreshing beer.

  • O.G. – 12.5° Plato
  • ABV – 5.1%
  • Color – 7 SRM
  • IBUs – 45


Sometimes it all comes together perfectly, especially when it’s two of our favorite hop varieties. This beer is kettle hopped with HBC 682 followed with a whirlpool addition of HBC 472 and 438—and dry hopped a special blend of them as well. The pairing provides complex woody and fruity aromas, and well-balanced bitterness.

  • O.G. – 13.9° Plato
  • ABV – 5.8%
  • Color – 11 SRM
  • IBUs – 50


Each day at the CBC we’ll have four different brews on tap (well, for as long as they last of course), so be sure to swing by Booth 1527 and see what we’re pouring. We’re looking forward to sharing a glass or two with you in Philly.


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