BarthHaas Hop Update: September 2023


Harvest in Germany

The hop harvest is currently in progress in all German hop-growing regions. The main variety currently being harvested is Herkules. This week and next, many farms will complete the harvest. During the harvest it has been unusually hot without any significant precipitation.

Yields in the Hallertau are highly dependent on the region. The regions that have already received precipitation in June are recording significantly better yields than the regions with less precipitation. Nevertheless, yields for aroma varieties such as Perle and Hallertauer Tradition will be below average throughout the Hallertau. No clear statement can yet be made for the largest variety in terms of area, Herkules, due to the current harvest, but it is nevertheless to be expected that this variety will also give below-average yields.

Overall the situation has improved markedly thanks to abundant rainfall in August. As of today we expect the crop to exceed the official crop estimate (as reported in our August HopUpdate). On the other hand, alpha acid contents appear to be below their long-term average.

With regard to diseases and pests, the hops show average external quality. Downy mildew can be found in individual cases. The aroma of this year’s crop also appears to be well developed.

In the Tettnang growing area, too, all varieties show below-average yields. Alpha values are also consistently below average in Tettnang.

Yields in Elbe-Saale vary greatly depending on the region. Basically, it can be said that the younger hop gardens (5-10 years) have significantly higher yields compared to the old ones.

Harvest in other growing areas

Czech Republic

The harvest lasted in the Czech Republic from 17.8.2023 to 18.9.2023. Partly there were still heavy rainfalls and storms during the harvest. In the region of Tirschitz, therefore, about 45 ha of hop trellis collapsed. The damage has no influence on the total harvest quantity.

Basically, the harvest volumes are better than expected, but will not reach the average. Alpha values are also at a low level.


This week, a large part of Slovenian growers will finish harvesting hops. During the harvest, high temperatures combined with sporadic precipitation. Due to the heavy flooding at the beginning of August, some hop fields were not drivable or only with
difficulties, so that no plant protection measurements could be applied. This allowed downy mildew to develop, especially in the hop fields to be harvested later, which can lead to quality losses.

Yields for Savinjski Golding, Auroa and Styrian Gold are above average, while Celeia and Bobek are slightly below average to average. The alpha values are above average.


The harvest in Poland is still running until next week. Weather conditions for the harvest are a little too hot with high humidity. There was no precipitation during the harvest.

Depending on the region, yields in Poland are about 5-15% higher than last year.


In the USA, average yields and alpha content can be expected. Exceptions are the varieties Centennial and Simcoe, which have below-average yields due to early blooming.

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