A PILS A DAY KEEPS MENTAL FATIGUE AWAY… Japanese researchers investigated the question whether hop bitter acids in beer have an impact on the cognition of healthy adults, specifically human cognition, mental fatigue, and mood state. In this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, 60 healthy adults (age 45–64 years) with self awareness of cognitive decline were…  Read More

THE POTENTIAL IN DRY HOPPING The different growing regions of hop production also use different techniques for hop drying after harvest. This US Team did a comparison of different kilning procedures. In the US the traditional hop method is to pile them 60-80 cm in large boxes and to run through the beds with air…  Read More

Hop Science Newsletter – June 2019

Christina Schoenberger

MORE ABOUT THE HOP CREEP By now this phenomenon is known by many craft brewers. Dry hopping leads to over attenuation, but why? Overattenuation of dry-hopped cask ales was already reported by Dr. Horace Brown over 100 years ago, citing that “dry-hopping induces an earlier and more persistent cask fermentation in beer”. However, the small…  Read More

Hop Science Newsletter – April 2019

Christina Schoenberger

MORE INSIGHTS IN THIOLS These German Researchers invested a lot in establishing a method to hunt thiols in 26 different fruits and 20 different wines using a thiol selective isolation procedure in combination with three different detection methods. The developed method applying three methods of detection in combination with a database containing about 100 newly…  Read More