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Dec 3, 2020 Corrie Van Oostrum

We recently sat down with the Brew Crew at HAAS® Innovations Brewery to talk with our Research Brewers, Jeff Barnes and Max Snider, who have been busy trialing the newest LUPOMAX™ varieties now available from Crop 2020. 

Jeff and Max, folks seem pretty excited about the new LUPOMAX varieties that just released. Have you had a chance to brew with them yet?

Jeff Barnes: “Yeah, we’ve really been loving the latest LUPOMAX varieties. It’s pretty exciting to see some of the new hops just coming out of the fields this season make their way to these new pellets.”

Which varieties are you using?

Max Snider: “We’ve been doing some trial brews with SABRO® LUPOMAX pellets. It’s giving us such clean, consistent flavor. And it’s really kind of amazing to see how beer made with SABRO LUPOMAX from the 2019 crop year delivers the same hop flavor as the crop year 2020 SABRO LUPOMAX. Achieving that level of pellet reliability is huge for a brewer.”

Jeff: “I agree. The consistency element is huge. The flavor outcome is very true-to-type and the efficiency is so much better, too.”

What kind of efficiencies are you experiencing?

Max: “Well, for one, because LUPOMAX is a concentrated pellet, we don’t have to use as many pellets in the brew to get the flavor outcome we want. This saves both on storage and disposal, as well as on cost.”

Jeff: “Then there’s less beer lost to the process. Our outcome volume is greater when we use LUPOMAX.”

We’ve also heard that LUPOMAX can help when it comes to dealing with hop creep? Why is that?

Max: “Because LUPOMAX pellets are optimized with the right amount of lupulin concentration, they have less vegetative matter—which means less potential for enzymatic activity coming from excess vegetation while dry hopping.”

That’s pretty exciting. And, with the 2020 Harvest in, there are lots of new varieties of LUPOMAX pellets available, right?

Jeff: “Yeah, LUPOMAX pellets are now available in new brand varieties — now there’s Amarillo® and Ekuanot® too.”

Max: “… with more options coming soon.”

Wow, that’s a great line-up. Thanks guys!

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