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Barth Report 2015-2016 is now available!

Aug 2, 2016 Tim Kostelecky

As a member of the Barth-Haas Group, Haas is pleased to announce that the new Barth Report 2015-2016 is now available for download. The annual Barth Report has long been the essential reference for developments and insights into hops and brewing. It provides comprehensive and timely statistics on global and regional hop agronomics, usage and trends in the hops and brewing markets.

In referencing the Barth Report last week, the Financial Times states, “hop acreage in the US jumped 18 per cent to 18,478 hectares last year, ousting Germany from the top spot for the first time since 1967.” For more information and statistics like this, download your copy of the Barth Report here.

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