THE HAAS BLOG BRU-1™ is a newly released hop that was developed by Brulotte Farms right here in the Yakima Valley. It is big and bold with a fruit-forward character (pineapple) that also offers clean

Last month, John I. Haas announced an exciting new partnership with online hops retailer Yakima Valley Hops. We recently sat down with John Snyder who founded Yakima Valley Hops in 2009 with his business partner, Jeff Perkins. Today, they h

Monday seemed pretty typical at the HAAS® Innovations Brewery. Blues music was streaming through the open taproom door. My colleagues Jeff Barnes and Max Snider were busy in the cellar. Everything appeared pretty normal, except for one thi

During our ongoing conversations with innovative brewers across the country, we had a chance to catch up with Dr. Christina Schöenberger, our own Head of Innovation and Education, to discuss Provoak, the innovative new hop pellet recently