Ask any brewer and they’ll tell you straight: the quality of your beer directly depends upon the quality of your ingredients. In today’s market, few ingredients are as important to beer as hops. And while “quality” can be a subjecti

As we wrap up 2020 Hop Harvest, we want to take a moment to say thank you to those who have tuned in to our HAAS Virtual Hop Harvest Experience videos and our new podcast, The HAAS HOPCAST™! The final video in our series of "virtual"

Hop Harvest is still going on at HAAS®, and while your presence is so dearly missed - we wanted to share our second HAAS Virtual Harvest Experience video to give you a peek at the latest and greatest happenings at our brewery. Roy talks

Hop Harvest is in full swing at HAAS®, and we wish you could be here with us to experience and celebrate this time of year!  It’s not the same without you. To help bring all the sights and sounds of harvest to you, we prepared a HAAS V