Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been getting above average precipitation and snowpack in the Cascades. And while the rain and snow is certainly welcome after last year’s draught, it was good to escape the cold and gloom of late-Jan

Sustainability is an important aspect in our efforts here at John I. Haas, Inc., and our most recent Sustainability Report is now available on our website.  It provides a comprehensive review of our achievements to date and a benchmark for

Every generation has its beer chronicler and its Bible. The 1970s had Michael Jackson and The World Guide To Beer. The late 1980s and early 90s had Fred Eckhardt and The Essentials of Beer Style. This year, we think Horst Dornbusch and B

U.S. 2015 Crop Harvest Overview

Dec 7, 2015 Pete Mahony

The Pacific NW hop region experienced a challenging growing season with crop 2015 due to record-setting high temperatures and low water supplies, particularly in the Yakima Valley. While water reservoirs were full by end of the winter, snow