The BBC Pure Hop Pellet. Efficiency + flavor.

Jul 24, 2015 Tim Kostelecky

An interview with Dr. Christina Schönberger, Manager Technical Sales at Barth Haas Group If you stopped by our booth at this year's CBC, then you got a sneak preview of the latest creation from Barth-Haas: The BBC Pure Hop Pellet™. Y

Join us for the Hops Academy in August

Jul 8, 2015 Tim Kostelecky

Hops have certainly garnered a great deal of attention in the brewing world recently, and there is much to be learned about the marriage of hops and beer. The Barth-Haas Group developed the Hops Academy with this in mind - a goal to educate

Craft Brewers Conference 2015

Apr 20, 2015 Tim Kostelecky

Another Craft Brewers Conference under my belt and I have to say that one of things I am most impressed with is the level of sophistication and knowledge that is exhibited in the craft brewing community.  When I first started coming to the

Welcome to the John I Haas blog.

Apr 16, 2015 Alex Barth

Let me welcome you to our blog. While this is a new communication feature, its underlying goal is the same goal we have had for our company since its beginning: to provide you with the knowledge, expertise and insights to help you succeed.