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Sep 15, 2020 Corrie Van Oostrum

Just only 3 weeks ago, we were forecasting the 2020 U.S. PNW hop crop prospects in terms of average to above average yields and an unusually quiet harvesting environment.

Since that time, we have had extremely high temperatures with many consecutive days of  95 degrees Fahrenheit  or more (about 15-20 degrees above normal), wildfires that have swept WA and OR (and still burning across the Western USA) and gusty winds over 45 miles across ID and WA  hop growing areas on Labor Day.  The impact of these high temperatures and the strong windstorm has resulted in reduced yields from cones that didn’t finish or were knocked off the vine or trellises by winds.

We now expect hop yields across the PNW to be average to below average with total supply near that of crop 2019 levels.  We’ll see some variations variety to variety with the early pick varieties faring better.

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