Georg Drexler,1 Elisabeth Wiesen,1 Mark Zunkel,1 Sebastian Hinz,1 Alicia Muñoz Insa,1 Victor Algazzali,2 Tim Kostelecky,2 and Christina Schönberger1 1. Joh. Barth & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG, Nuremberg, Germany 2. John I. Haas Inc., Yakima, WA, U.S.A. ABSTRACT Hops are the soul of beer, yet not easy to characterize in terms of flavor expression. The…  Read More

John I. Haas, Inc. and the Barth-Haas Group introduce FLEX®, a new beer bittering hop product that provides improved brewhouse efficiency and flexibility as a concentrated, highly flowable CO2 hop extract. FLEX® is designed to reduce wort losses and provide the clean bittering you need for your beer in a convenient, easy to use form….  Read More

The following is an alternative method to the popular hand-rub for the sensory analysis of hop samples. This provides a neater and more standardized procedure as well as eliminating the carryover effect from residual hop resins on the hands. The method also has the advantage that it is applicable for hop pellets as well as…  Read More

INTRODUCTION Pure Resin CO2 Hop Extract (CO2 Extract) is a hop product developed from the extraction of the components of hops that are important to brewers in the production of beer – namely the alpha-acids and essential oils that contribute to beer’s bitterness, aroma, foam, and microbiological stability. These are the compounds of the most benefit…  Read More