Celebrating France’s finest

Jun 22, 2021 Corrie Van Oostrum

In 2020, HAAS® began a new partnership with Hop France and opened a whole new world of flavor to our brewing partners. Available exclusively from HAAS, French hops are known for their distinctive flavor and unique ability to round out a hop bill. From Aramis to Elixir, Mistral to Triskel, come explore the terroir of…  Read More


2021 Australian Hop Harvest Crop Report

May 12, 2021 Corrie Van Oostrum

The Australian hop harvest has come to a close and Hops Products Australia (HPA)  – a HAAS partner company within the BarthHaas Group – has released their 2021 Crop Report. In this email they shared good news on a successful 2021 Harvest but warned of limited spot market activity for Australian hops this year ….  Read More


We recently sat down with the Brew Crew at HAAS® Innovations Brewery to talk with our Research Brewers, Jeff Barnes and Max Snider, who have been busy trialing the newest LUPOMAX™ varieties now available from Crop 2020.  Jeff and Max, folks seem pretty excited about the new LUPOMAX varieties that just released. Have you had a chance…  Read More


The future of beer: HAAS’ 2020 experimental hops

Nov 11, 2020 Corrie Van Oostrum

If you travel south on I-82 from the HAAS® Innovations Campus, and manage to not get detoured by Los Hernandez Tamales along the way, in about 30 minutes you’ll arrive at the HAAS Yakima Golding Hop Farm in Toppenish, deep in the heart of Yakima Valley. There, you’ll likely find Michael Ferguson, head of HAAS’…  Read More