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Welcome to the John I Haas blog.

Apr 16, 2015 Alex Barth

Let me welcome you to our blog. While this is a new communication feature, its underlying goal is the same goal we have had for our company since its beginning: to provide you with the knowledge, expertise and insights to help you succeed.

In the days and months ahead, you can look forward to posts about a wide range of topics from the news about new hop varieties to products that focus on flavor and efficiency as well as the fun we are creating in our research brewery.

Our practice of sharing our insights and experience for the betterment of our brewers has been a hallmark of our brand for over a hundred years. We welcome your feedback and comments as well as your suggestions for future topics. And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to receive regular updates as new posts are added. From all of us at John I. Haas, here’s to your success.

Alex Barth,