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The ultimate gift for the ultimate beer geek on your holiday list.

Dec 16, 2015 Tim Kostelecky

Every generation has its beer chronicler and its Bible. The 1970s had Michael Jackson and The World Guide To Beer. The late 1980s and early 90s had Fred Eckhardt and The Essentials of Beer Style. This year, we think Horst Dornbusch and Beer Styles from Around the World might emerge as the next beer underground cult hero.

A perfect gift for just about any beer geek this holiday season, Beer Styles features stories, ingredients and brewing recipes for more than 150 beers, from brewing cultures around the world. From early, classic innovations of Belle Époque beer styles to contemporary recipes from the Cambrian explosion of the modern craft beer movement, there’s lots to get excited about.

You’ll find Adambier, “a strong local brew of the German city of Dortmund,” Mumme, “a syrupy and delicious sailor’s brew from the days of sail”, Gotlandsdricka, “an ancient farmhouse brew, made with birch-smoked malt, all the way to Zwickelbier, a “fresh and spritzy brew direct from the beer tank.” Along with lots, lots more.

This is certainly no novice brewer’s guide. And what’s great is that, not only does Dornbush get into the stories behind the beer, he dives deep into the technical specifications for brewing them—along with tips for innovation and experimentation. That’s because he’s not just a beer judge, consultant and a Fulbright Scholar, he’s an award-winning brewer in his own right.

So if you’re looking for a cool, hard-to-find gift for a hard-to-shop-for beer lover on your listor a great read for yourself, check out Beer Styles from Around the World. You can find it online at the Barth-Haas Simply Hops site here.

And happy holidays—and happy brewing—from all of us at John I. Haas, Inc.!

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