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Haas’ commitment to a more sustainable future.

Jan 25, 2016 Tim Kostelecky

Sustainability is an important aspect in our efforts here at John I. Haas, Inc., and our most recent Sustainability Report is now available on our website.  It provides a comprehensive review of our achievements to date and a benchmark for future aspirations.

During the compilation of this report, we took a serious look at our economic, environmental and social impacts brought about by our everyday activities, especially in the areas of water and energy use, packaging materials and waste, transportation, as well as our complete quality and environmental management systems.  And of course we included safety, grower relations and innovations.

We at Haas are committed to constantly examining and improving our environmental and social impacts, and we hope you find the information in our Sustainability Report informative and insightful.  Thank you for taking time to learn more about our company, people, and commitments. The full document is available for download in our Resource Library.

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