U.S. 2015 Crop Harvest Overview

Dec 7, 2015 Pete Mahony

The Pacific NW hop region experienced a challenging growing season with crop 2015 due to record-setting high temperatures and low water supplies, particularly in the Yakima Valley. While water reservoirs were full by end of the winter, snow

John I. Haas, Inc., has been part of the Yakima, WA community since John I. bought his first hop farm in the Yakima Valley back in 1931. And we’ve been proud members of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce ever since June 1, 1976. A

Some New Olds (College) Friends.

Dec 3, 2015 Tim Kostelecky

[gallery link="file" ids="1189,1190,1191"] It all started in 1913, about 50 miles north of Calgary, Alberta, just a year prior to when John I. Haas, Inc. opened for business in the U.S. The Olds School of Agriculture and Home Economics c

Hop Harvest – September 2015

Nov 10, 2015 Tim Kostelecky

There's no mistaking it - you step outside and the smell of hops in the air tells you it's September in Yakima, and here in hop country, it's not business as usual. In fact, one could describe the shift that occurs during the month as seism