Sep 14, 2016

Hop Breeding Company (HBC) is pleased to announce EKUANOT™ as the replacement name for EQUINOX™ brand HBC 366 hops. Although the HBC 366 variety has the new EKUANOT™ name, the EKUANOT™ brand hops will continue to be the consistent, high quality hops previously sold under the EQUINOX™ brand. EKUANOT™ is commercially available from both John I Haas and Yakima Chief-Hopunion

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This year, there has been relief in the US, where the weather in the Pacific Northwest, where the bulk of the hops are grown, has been favorable. Production is estimated to rise 20 per cent, on a 13 per cent increase in acreage, according to the IHGC.

“At this point, the crop looks good and water supply looks to be sufficient for the season,” says Alex Barth, US head of the Barth-Haas Group, a leading hops trader.



Joh. Barth & Sohn, Germany, a member of The Barth-Haas Group, is featured in an interesting and informative look at the successes and challenges facing the Hallertau, Europe’s largest hop growing area.

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District Mid-South is the youngest district in the nation, founded in 2007 and receiving our charter at the MBAA National conference on October 28, 2007. District Mid-South has a very rich and proud brewing culture. Regardless of the size of each brewery members work for, each member brings a unique perspective and value to the District Mid-South gatherings. Roy Johnson, of John I. Haas, Inc., will be attending the District Mid-South Fall meeting on November 4-5, 2016 in Mills River, North Carolina.

If you brew in the Mid-South region and have wondered what the MBAA is all about, please join us for our next meeting or contact our district officers.